The Best Retro Game Consoles – Super Nintendo Classic Mini


Nintendo, Sega, Sinclair, Atari… it was every kid’s dream in the ’90s. But now we can own one of these state-of-the-art electronic devices from those times, so we can relive our childhood memories or compare the games of the 90s with today’s video games.

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The pioneering brands offer us replicas of retro video consoles with all the details, but adapted to the new technologies of this time, counting for example with HDMI connection.

If there is one thing that these consoles do not lack, it is their ability to entertain, thanks to their ingenuity. Its graphics may seem crude in comparison to current game consoles, or the audio files may not be of excellent quality, but it was the technological development of the time, and for a very new and booming market, great games were achieved; which made us spend hours and hours of good times, putting together competitions between friends or becoming the desired prize for anyone who finished their schoolwork and behaved well at home.

Great video game classics that will make us smile with good memories and a touch of nostalgia, besides giving us the opportunity to finish that game that we resisted so much when we were kids and were not able to finish. Now it’s your time, do you dare to dust off your skills with classic video games?

Super Nintendo Classic Mini

In the fierce fight for the number one spot in sales, Japanese manufacturer Nintendo launched its 16-bit Super Nintendo console to compete against Sega’s 16-bit Mega Drive (that’s what it was called in Europe, in America it was known as Genesis),

The retro system retains the familiar Super Nintendo design, but in a mini version. It includes 2 controllers that are exact replicas of the original controllers of the videoconsole, even in the connector of the same. With 32,000 colors and graphics with great detail, this console revolutionized the world of video games with its 32 megas cartridges, now also allows you to save games and retrieve them at any time, so you can pick up where you left off without having to start from scratch.

20 games are pre-installed in its memory, but if you successfully complete the Star Fox game, it will unlock the Star Fox 2 game, a never-before-released game in any market, not even in Japan.

It includes classic games of great relevance such as Donkey Kong Country, one of the best-selling Super Nintendo games, with 3D graphics and characters in the form of cartoons. It also includes The Legend of Zelda, which is very popular in Japan and has a large fan base, and the Kirby saga, the cute balloon that swallows enemies to copy their skills.

It wouldn’t be a classic retro game without Nintendo’s star character, Super Mario Bros. It features Mario Kart, the hilarious car racing competition that features all the characters from the Mario world and Super Mario World.

Other games like EarthBound, Final Fantasy III, Super Mario RPG and Legend of the Seven Stars are also included.

There are also fighting and action games like Street Fighter II Turbo and Contra III, which are classics that will bring back the tactile skills we had.

The disadvantage, of course, is that it doesn’t allow us to install other games.

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