The Best Retro Game Consoles – Sega Mega Drive

This is a new article from our series – Best Retro Game Consoles. The last time we looked at the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, today we’ll talk about Sega Mega Drive. So sit back, download the app, and let’s go!

Sega Mega Drive

The ultimate 16-bit game console. This console manufactured by Atgames under the license of Sega, emulates the classic Mega Drive/Genesis games. With 2 controls very similar to the 6 button controls that Sega distributed with the most modern versions, the console replicates the design even in the slot to introduce the original cartridges so you can put them and play with them.

The controls are wireless to not have inconvenience with the cable connected to the central unit, also includes HDMI connection that allows you to connect the console directly to the TV.

The brand promises a resolution of 720p HD for maximum gaming enjoyment. It also has an internal memory so you can save your games and resume them without having to start from scratch as you did with the original console.

85 of the most popular games of the golden age of Mega Drive/Genesis are pre-installed, including the Columns puzzle, the game in which you had to order equal jewels to make them disappear and get points. You couldn’t miss the emblem for which the Sega company is internationally known, Sonic the Hedgehog, with the games Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball and the popular game in which one of Sonic’s most famous rivals appears, the character of Knuckles, a whole saga that you can’t miss.

It also includes other games for lovers of action and fighting as the Golden Axe saga or Altered Beast game very famous in arcades, without leaving us in the inkwell the famous Mortal Kombat which along with Street Fighter were the most popular 1-on-1 fighting games of the time.

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