The Best Retro Game Consoles – Sega Mega Drive

Hi, gamers,

this is a new article from our series – Best Retro Game Consoles. The last time we looked at the Sega Mega Drive, today we’ll talk about Atari Flashback 8. And for all fans of retro entertainment, which is not enough, we can offer to try logic puzzles app.

Atari Flashback 8

The approximate cost of this console is only about $39.99 !

This Atari retro game console includes a selection of 120 classic games so that older people can go back in time and younger people can discover games from two and three decades ago. It comes with legendary games like Missile Command or Asteroids and Millipede but also includes some new ones. It has some notable absences like Pac-Man or Frogger.

The console comes equipped with two long range wireless controllers but with the aesthetics of the original controllers. It has no slot to insert the old games. All games are integrated into the console and games can be recorded.

The image quality on the screen is very interesting thanks to the HDMI cable that has to be used to connect the console to the TV or monitor.

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