Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles DS Nintendo

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is one of the most unique titles for the Nintendo GameCube. The game in its entirety holds a gigantic emphasis on multiplayer cooperation. While CC did sport a single player adventure mode, it wasn’t nearly as epic as playing with others.

There was one nagging issue about this though. In order to play the multiplayer feature, it was required for each player to have their own GBA. It was made that way so each player would have their own map, statistics, equipment and magic. However, it was very difficult to actually find three other people to play with you. Not only was the GBA required, but three Link Cables were needed too. Nevertheless, the experience itself was incredible.

One of the most intriguing features of CC’s multiplayer was the ability to combine spells with one another. One button on the GBA was used to charge an equipped spell and then use the D-Pad to move where the attack would fall. However, if two or more people waited to release their spells and actually crossed their reticules together, they had a chance of creating a far more powerful enchantment. Another aspect that stressed teamwork was the movement of the Crystal Chalice. The world in FF:CC is filled with a poisonous gas called miasma. The only way to repel it and keep your party safe is to carry the chalice with you.

Square-Enix has announced Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo DS. The only thing that’s been confirmed for it so far is that it will utilize Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the same incredible cooperative play. Having this available will make things 100% easier and more convenient for all players. Instead of needing four GBAs and link cables hooked up to a console, all you need is your own DS. Having everything that would be on your GBA for GameCube’s CC on your DS will make things all the more intuitive.

Even thinking about it on a simple level, the DS is the perfect platform for this kind of game. There’s so much that could be done with the hardware’s features. The top screen can hold all your inventory and statistics while the touch screen could hold all the action. I hope SE is coming up with a way to really make spell casting entertaining and practical with the stylus, given they’re actually doing that. Then of course the wireless adapter will be used for LAN and Wi-Fi play. The microphone should be used to talk to your teammates. Well, I don’t even know if ‘should’ is even an option. They really have to do that if they want to please players of the game.

What kind of adventure awaits us? What sorts of races and classes will be available? How many spells will we be able to utilize? How diverse will the equipment be? Right now it’s all questions and no answers, but I find no reason not to believe that FF:CC DS will make some sort of appearance at E3 in less than two weeks. Nintendo and Square-Enix seem to be reviving their past ties to make some incredible games. Mario 3on3 Basketball, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy III, Children of Mana and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles DS. The Nintendo DS continues to shine, and it will impact E3 like none other again!

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