Best games for Nintendo Switch

New Super Mario Bros.

“New Super Mario” — obvious attempt to repeat the success of “the Mario”, to which many have-long-not-gamers have nostalgic feelings back from the days when the NES (aka Dendy in our latitudes) was quite a modern machine. The attempt failed and attracted not only Oldies, but also a new generation of players that found Mario good entertainment. The game is made more or less sparing: a man not used to jump across the platforms and push the turtles, slowly mastering the basics and progressing to forever waiting for the salvation of the Princess. An experienced player will meet with these difficulties but in the end, but it will find a lot of secrets and a lot of extra levels.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Legend of Zelda — the second most popular after the Mario series of Nintendo games. As in Mario, the plot is traditional and simple: the hero in the green hat saves the world from a great disaster and evil wizard, and on the road usually rescues the Princess from captivity — where the same without her. Despite such an uninventive approach, every next “Zelda” hit and attracts a lot of (well deserved in our opinion) positive reviews. Phantom Hourglass is no exception. In her traditional puzzles and adventures are made so that as much as possible to use possibilities of the DS voice note, stylus and even the microphone.


The point of this game is clear at first sight: pretty puppies roam around a virtual room, yapping and gently touched a paw to the screen. What else? Yes, almost anything. Wards can feed, play with them and teach simple tricks. The game element here is not so great, but it is important whether it is ten years of girls demanding for puppies to immediately buy DS? However, some interesting points in Nintendogs is still there: dogs can be trained to voice commands and by touching the screen with stylus, they react as if stroking them with his hand. If we consider that the virtual puppy is not chewing on shoes and does not stain carpets, you can understand why parents willingly bought more than 20 million copies of the game.

Animal Crossing

If the child does not dream of any furry pet, remains the second most popular option — dream about your own house. Animal Crossing provides the opportunity to start it, but special interest attaches to a couple of nuances. The fact that the home is located on summer camps, and the neighbors have quite strange is the characters — animals, constantly blocking player’s orders. The house will have to pay work in the shop owned by simply raccoons That Nuku. To buy furniture, too, must first earn — fishing, for example, or growing turnips. There is also some semblance of multiplayer games — if the prefix is more than one winner, players can live in one camp and to visit the house of each other. You can even send secret messages to another player through the Internet, exchanging with him the friend-codes.

Brain Age

Wii Sports — not the first Nintendo game in which you have to train and pass the tests. Brain Age for the DS also offers warm-up, but not for Zatecka limbs, and brain. Puzzles range from basic and comprehensible to the child (“find the shapes in the appropriate holes”) is able to load the brain and the older generation (“quickly count the number of cubes in a three-dimensional figure”). However, if the benefits of Wii Sports is quite obvious, that the sense of exercises, Brain Age has not been proven, contrary to loud advertising statements. But who will refuse to solve interesting puzzles and find out what assessment of intelligence is growing every day?

Professor Layton

Residents of San Mr — strange people: each of them nourishes an inexplicable passion for puzzles. However, as two characters — Professor Layton and his assistant Luke. Together they unravel a murder case, which gradually acquires all the more intriguing details. Actually, the detective story is progressing here by itself in the course of conversations with inhabitants of the town. That’s only one of them won’t say anything worthwhile until the player will solve another puzzle. The success of the games owes much to the variety and originality of these problems. Sometimes they resemble an online version of the book “Entertaining math”, but they are not less attractive to the inquiring mind.

Advance Wars

Strategy is traditionally not very successful on consoles — a combination of the gamepad and the TV is not conducive to command and control. But the Nintendo DS in anything like not guilty: style to such games in the best way possible. A series of Nintendo Wars, however, appeared before DS and stretches since the days of the NES, but it gained real popularity. And not only due to good management — in strategy proved to be extremely comfortable to play. he opened the console, did a couple of moves, closed and free again. While Advance Wars is not remarkable: we build troops, move them on the cells, skirmish with the enemy and read the dialogues of the characters, revealing the plot. The theme varies depending on what is written after the colon in the name: Dual Strike action takes place in a fantasy futuristic setting, but Days of Ruin is much darker post-apocalyptic sequel.


How often just learning to play, we cease to enjoy the game? It is especially easy to observe this effect in simple games and children (cumulative): “ISP-ISP-ISP” — game over — “give me another game!”. WarioWare is just the same panacea for such situations. It includes several hundred mini-games, and they succeed each other with such speed that often barely have time to understand what happened. Each mini-game requires you to quickly do some simple action that gives you a few seconds to be executed, then it will be followed by another. In Wario often used non-standard methods of control: for example, blowing into the microphone, we will customize a flying balloon. Downloaded WarioWare: Snapped for DSi fully dedicated to games using to input the video camera.


Here was a game in which you can write any word and the object that it describes, immediately appears and behaves like a real. Stop! Such a game already exists — it’s Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS! She knows about thirty thousand English words and its creators drew and endowed with unique properties, each of them marked items. Well, you can come up with to dump on someone’s head refrigerator — refrigerator write, and he immediately materialized. Want to arrange a meeting of Hitler with a giant octopus? No problem — the game did not hesitate to spit out your order both. There are of course limitations, but comparable freedom of action is rarely where you will meet. The game you can ask for a time machine or a dinosaur-robot, and she will respond!

Rhythm Heaven

Games like Guitar Hero though and entice players of musical instruments, similar to the real thing, but in fact their principle is extremely simple: you only need to be able to press colored buttons. In Rhythm Heaven, the same simple mechanics behind toy instruments, but the fascination is, oddly enough, does not harm. Probably the reason is that on the screen here too often occur unexpected things in time with which a player touches or moves the stylus across the screen. You get on time, and the notes begin to take shape in the melody. It would seem that nonsense, but pulls real hard. Rhythm Heaven can help develop the ear or sense of rhythm, but the main problem is, of course, entertainment. And it solved great.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular series in the history of computer games. It all started back in the nineties — then the player was looking at cars from a bird’s flight, and it looked not so modern as details in GTA IV. Chinatown Wars is somewhat similar to the first two parts, but the gameplay is, oddly enough, reminiscent of the latest incarnation. However, the basic elements remain unchanged: car theft, car chases, shootouts, dangerous missions and gang wars. There are new things — for example, different mini-games that are made mainly in order to use the Nintendo DS touchscreen.

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