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Puyo Puyo Tetris Review

The Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 could not even imagine that a harmless hobby will one day glorify him for the whole world. On the basis of bought puzzle “Pentamino” Pajitnov created their own computer game using similar rules, and then showed it to my colleagues from the Computing center of the USSR Academy of Sciences. “Tetris” overnight paralyzed the institutions began to play a strange development Alexei. Copies of the… Read Article →

Best games for Nintendo Switch

New Super Mario Bros. “New Super Mario” — obvious attempt to repeat the success of “the Mario”, to which many have-long-not-gamers have nostalgic feelings back from the days when the NES (aka Dendy in our latitudes) was quite a modern machine. The attempt failed and attracted not only Oldies, but also a new generation of players that found Mario good entertainment. The game is made more or less sparing: a… Read Article →

Mario Party 6 GameCube Review

Around six years ago, the first game in the Mario Party series was released, creating a whole new genre in the video game world, the party game. A game which not only let you play with a buddy but a whole group of people. Mario Party turned gaming, usually a solitary activity into a social event, a feat only sports games had been able to accomplish until then. Somehow, Hudson… Read Article →

Beyond Good and Evil GameCube Review

From the same creator of the Rayman games, Michel Ancel delivers a new game with the same attention to stunning details and top-notch gameplay that made his pervious games so successful. The game starts off when aliens invade the peaceful planet of Hillys and the Alpha Section’s intervention troops seem unable to hold them off and continue to protect the planet. You take control of Jade, an attractive young reporter,… Read Article →

Yoshi Touch & Go Nintendo DS Review

The guys from the 500bestapps Team prepared a fresh review for us on Yoshi Touch. Please leave your feedback we are very interested in how many such reviews are interesting to you! Finally, a game that takes advantage of all the DS’s capabilities synchronously. A game that utilizes the dual screens and the touchscreen, the microphone and even the wireless two-player mode. A game designed for the DS and only… Read Article →

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour GameCube Review

It seems like people will never get tired of Mario. He’s everywhere! He can play tennis, he likes karting, organizing parties, saving princess peach from time to time, and when he’s off he also likes to play golf. He really is an incredible guy Mario, being able to do all that stuff and never getting tired. Last time we saw him playing golf was on N64, then on Game Boy… Read Article →

Luigi’s Mansion GameCube Review

Luigi’s Mansion was Nintendo’s primary launch title for the GameCube in 2001. The game was hugely anticipated and was expected to play similar to a Mario game. The game launched in November and although it was one of the systems best-selling games at that time, some fans couldn’t help but be disappointed. Is the game worth your hard earned money? Read on to find out. Luigi has won a contest… Read Article →

Lego Star Wars GameCube Review

Lego Star Wars has to be one of the most unique games to represent the popular series of George Lucas films. The game itself isn’t actually created by its studios, so that already provides great opportunity for it to be as different as it is. Taking on the stories of Episodes I – III, the game takes the whole world of Star Wars and converts it into, you guessed it,… Read Article →

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures GameCube Review

Imagine yourself walking into your favorite videogame store and seeing a new Zelda game has been released. Imagine that the year is 2004 (shouldn’t be too hard) and that, even though most game companies are trying to have the best graphics possible, the game is in 2D. Depending on what kind of gamer you are, you’ll either think the game sucks because it’s in 2D, or you’ll think it’s the… Read Article →

Geist GameCube Review

With Geist, prepare to enter a world that has never really been seen before. Forget traditional FPSs like Halo, Timesplitters and GoldenEye 007, Geist is something in of itself altogether. For as long as gamers can remember, we have played and seen games that would have ghosts or other spectral entities against you and wanting to take you out at any given point in time. Well now the tables have… Read Article →